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About BeU Nonprofit

You can be ANYTHING by being YOU!

BeU is a Nonprofit Organization within Fayetteville, North Carolina, focused on mentoring our youth and helping them to recognize the power and abilities they have within themselves, steering them into a positive pathway.

This organization was established from personally being in the system for 6 years (Multiple Group Homes and Foster Care) and lacking care from my biological parents. Fortunately, I met some amazing individuals along the way that stepped in to not only ensure I went on a positive path, but also provided everything I needed (clothes, shoes, etc.). Without them, I really don't know where I would have been. My story would have been much different. They saved my life!

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Past Events

December 2020, We hosted our first ever "Christmas Flow Down" Event which raised enough funding and sponsors for 34 Youth within our Fayetteville, NC Group-Home facilities. Every child had a gift bag of items they could use and really want, along with being fed a hot meal, sponsored by Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen and The Sweet Palette. With the help of the community, it turned into a HUGE success!

December 2021, we hosted our 2nd Annual Holiday Teen Gift Drive where we connected with various group homes within Fayetteville to bring joy to the lives of our youth while away from their families.

We nearly doubled in kids, with us gifting a total of 63 youth!!

With the help of ALL our sponsors, we were able to provide over 200 gifts for our youth, a hot meal sponsored by Cheddars Scratch Kitchen, and tasty cookies sponsored by Sweet Palette. We gave hope and touched the lives of so many teens and children. 

December 2022 was also another successful blast of sunshine as well! We were able to rise up to helping 79 youth within the FAYETTEVILLE AREA! We Are thankful for the community and all of our generous sponsors throughout our journey, THUS FAR!

Our 2023
Holiday Gift Drive 


    (Fayetteville, NC)

We Impacted over 60 Children & Teens This Holiday!

This year, we impacted so many youth ranging from babies to 18 year olds who stem from the group home & foster care system. We fed, celebrated, and gifted our youth with the help of our very own community!


Thank you again for all the amazing contributions and blessings from our sponsors! 


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